How we can help you?

Inttal is an innovative recruitment platform that connects high-skilled professionals with leading companies and multilateral agencies finding the expert that best fits each position.

You are the protagonist

The Inttal work system allows us to respond quickly to your needs, sending the complete, orderly and updated information through newsletters with the frequency you decide.

Furthermore, through the direct management of your profile you can define what information about opportunities, candidates and issues interest you and when you want to receive it or if you want to retrieve it later. You can change as often as you want your criteria and can upgrade your data at any time.

Similarly, we adapt to your user requirements, in addition to management service offers, we designed a system in which you decide what you want to use your credit within the diversity of services and customized packages we provide.

A window to a new professional world with many opportunities

Inttal collects daily the publication of hundreds of vacancies for senior professionals, our experts. This allows us to disseminate attractive opportunities in an international environment with high wages in different sectors, countries and periods of employment.

Through Inttal you can access leading positions in international companies, within the private sector and international contracts with major government agencies such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission.

In Inttal we are actively working to increase the advertised positions and keep them updated.

A place where what makes us unique is not wasted

Our system searches for projects that really fit with education, work experience and career goals that experts define.

Also our matching system suggests positions and experts , that although do not strictly meet your predefined search criteria, fit your expectations.

Thus, Inttal also offers projects on a wide range of industries and functional areas, or different management levels, so you can consider in your decision.

Find reliable opportunities quickly and safely

The solvency of the positions we publish is one of our biggest concerns, which is why we select only those offers for high level profiles whose agencies and contractors are prestigious organizations and international long journey.

Likewise, we maintain the privacy of our users facilitating the rapid and secure communication through the platform with those companies, agencies and experts that show mutual interest.

We want to be your partner in international professional development

In Inttal we want to be your reference platform in international processes, so we offer the following services:

  • Identification and recruiting of suitable candidates for the positions, ensuring in the process not only that those profiles fit but also their availability and interest in the position indicated.
  • Dealing with confidential candidates for companies who wish to know the estimated candidates remuneration prior to the vacancy publication or selection.
  • Support for international professional development backing up you through the entire process: from how to improve the search for positions that interest you to advice for further success in personal interviews and negotiation processes.
  • Advice on expatriation processes considering the legal and administrative aspects and schemes involving displacement processes, management and repatriation of expatriates.
  • Tax consultancy for overseas workers.

We all win

In Inttal you can meet companies and experts of your same industry and professional interests, and can be set a contact on the same platform system, only if you wish.

In addition, our blog allows businesses and professionals stay updated on a diverse range of topics such as economics and politics, development, human rights, government agencies or breaking news. In short, everything that add differential information to your career.